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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The last deep.

This month is full of festivals. Dussera festival in my lens.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

monsoon plant

This is the last collection of monsoon.Now monsoon has end .The chilly wind just come but i never forget the monsoon mania.

chai wala

You find the chai wala all over india.But you find rare chai wali .

The regular chaiwala busy in his work
This is my chai (tea)

Ready to go home after taking chai (tea)

monsoon flys

These are also some fly seen when monsoon comes .Life span is very very less just after some minute from the earth there wings destroyed and they fell down. Later there become food of the black ant.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

monsoon insects

Rarely find the insects in my area,only they seen in the monsoon. I have not found any name in English dictionary. In my local language ORIYA it is called SADHABA BAHU.There skin is like as silk and very shy in nature.

At my childhood age i used to play with the velvet cover insect.but now a days it is rarely seen.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Maximum time limit is 3 minutes to finish the flower.Before you collect flower to serve GOD.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

How To Overcome ANXIETY

It is a reaction of many events that take place in our lives.It may be belongs to finance,health,security,loss or isolation.While dealing with ANXIETY ,you should first determine weather your problem can be solved by you or it is beyond your control and the remedy lies in someone’s hand. Here is some of the tips you can try.

1. Occupying yourself with activities you enjoy.

2.Eat properly.A good nutrition can be buffer against ANXIETY.Avoid coffee,

alcohol, and chocolate.

3.Exercise regularly as physical exercise can relax you and help to go sleep.

4.Take enough rest .Go to bed early.A good night sleep is restorative and

leaves you better able to cope.

5.Plan out your days work .Other wise too much work or too little work will

aggravate ANXIETY.

6. Involvement is must essential.Help yourself by helping others.

7.You must accept reality so that it will free you form worry.

8.Talk you problem over with your friend or relatives who listens and

understand you .

9.Lastly if none of these suggestion work out and make feel calmer,if you think

that ANXIETY is growing more intense,you must discuss with your


kalahandi diary

Last week i have been visit to KALAHANDI eastern part of ORISSA in INDIA , the land of hill tracts and rich plains dotted with historic forts, beautiful temples and perennial spring.In this land the prehistoric man experimented with stone and color.It is also rich with varied flora and fauna as well as mineral wealth.

The origin of river indravati, MARIGUDA, only 62 km from BHAWANIPATNA, the head quarter of the dist KALAHANDI. Also it the original place of Goddess Mnikeswri.

Here i have just posted 3(three) photos of different position of the river how the river indravati help to the people of the kalahandi.

Starting point of the river indravati

The river become lake.

Lastly it becomes Upper Indravati hydroelectricity project and generate electricity.


"Friends are cherished people whom we carry in our hearts where ever we go in life, we may spend a lot of time together getting too know each other, sharing each others lives,then have to move on to other places.

But no matter where we ever go, we always remember the special people who touched our lives, The special people who loved us and helped us learn more about ourselves,friends are the special people we dreamed and planned great future with.

Who accepted us as we were and encouraged us to become all about we wanted to be".

Still I am finding the friend who sending the above quotation written a in the same card we both send to each other...............

Thursday, August 20, 2009


After a long, i have decided to enter to the world of blogging. Nothing, blogspot is the best way to express your self.
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