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Saturday, August 22, 2009

How To Overcome ANXIETY

It is a reaction of many events that take place in our lives.It may be belongs to finance,health,security,loss or isolation.While dealing with ANXIETY ,you should first determine weather your problem can be solved by you or it is beyond your control and the remedy lies in someone’s hand. Here is some of the tips you can try.

1. Occupying yourself with activities you enjoy.

2.Eat properly.A good nutrition can be buffer against ANXIETY.Avoid coffee,

alcohol, and chocolate.

3.Exercise regularly as physical exercise can relax you and help to go sleep.

4.Take enough rest .Go to bed early.A good night sleep is restorative and

leaves you better able to cope.

5.Plan out your days work .Other wise too much work or too little work will

aggravate ANXIETY.

6. Involvement is must essential.Help yourself by helping others.

7.You must accept reality so that it will free you form worry.

8.Talk you problem over with your friend or relatives who listens and

understand you .

9.Lastly if none of these suggestion work out and make feel calmer,if you think

that ANXIETY is growing more intense,you must discuss with your


1 comment:

  1. I remember writing on 'Handling Grief' some time back. Anxiety too should be handled well. Well suggested points.


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