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Saturday, August 22, 2009

kalahandi diary

Last week i have been visit to KALAHANDI eastern part of ORISSA in INDIA , the land of hill tracts and rich plains dotted with historic forts, beautiful temples and perennial spring.In this land the prehistoric man experimented with stone and color.It is also rich with varied flora and fauna as well as mineral wealth.

The origin of river indravati, MARIGUDA, only 62 km from BHAWANIPATNA, the head quarter of the dist KALAHANDI. Also it the original place of Goddess Mnikeswri.

Here i have just posted 3(three) photos of different position of the river how the river indravati help to the people of the kalahandi.

Starting point of the river indravati

The river become lake.

Lastly it becomes Upper Indravati hydroelectricity project and generate electricity.


  1. nice photos u had postd . keep it up. Nice work done.

    srinadh babu


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